New Tanpopo Product Lines!

By | November 4, 2015

We’re pleased to announce that our products lines have been refreshed with new products, and also widened with the addition of three new products! They include Onigiri Rice balls, which are amazing add-on or snacking items coming in five flavours and they’ve gone down with our customers very well so far! We have also launched a range of Tofu pots. These come in four flavours and are ideal as a snack item. And also our new Japanese Mixed salad, a mixture of carrot, mooli, wakame seaweed, vermicelli noodles, edamame, chilli and served with a Hiyashi dressing, a delicious side salad for any lunch. You can see both listed in our product range, along with all our new products.

tofu_pots1_print_resonigiri_3_web_res seaweed_salad_web_res