15 Future Favourites for your Customers!

By | June 28, 2017

Our NPD department has been working overtime to deliver these 15 hot new lines! They include extensions to existing lines and also some completely new products.

Saucy Rolls

Fantastic rolls, plus all new dipping sauces, make for some delicious combos! Including; Chicken Katsu rolls, Pumpkin Croquette rolls and Salmon & Avocado rolls

Sushi & Sides

Why decide between sushi or an indulgent side? Like Salmon & Avocado rolls with fried Katsu, or Vege California rolls with Vege Gyozas

Poke Salads

More extensions to our popular range of Poke Salads. Salmon & Egg, Spicy Tofu and Seafood & Avocado. They all come with a delicious dressing.


Our 4 new Udon Noodle bowls will replace our old selection. Served in a traditional Don Buri bowl, and heated in exactly the same way, they’re sure to popular. Watch out for Chicken & Curry, Bamboo & Mushroom, Salmon Miso and Gyoza Tsuyu.


Our new Dippers make the perfect snack/ upsell item. They’re also the tastiest ones around!

Black Rice Small Box

The black rice small box extends the high street’s newest trend into our small boxes! Sure to be a popular choice with Vegans!

For more details contact 01784440957, or e-mail andy@tanpopo.co.uk