About Us

Tanpopo has been making sushi for over 20 years. We have based our products, and success, on authenticity and quality. Based in Feltham, we manufacture all of our products in our SALSA accredited premises (see below for details). We deliver to catering companies, hotels, stadia and event organisers

Hygiene and Food Safety

SALSATanpopo takes hygiene very seriously and we made it our business to gain SALSA accreditation for our kitchens. This involves a full audit of our premises and all documentation to ensure the highest standards of food safety and hygiene.

We are independently audited by a third party. This means that our customers can rest assured that we have a spotless premises with proper cleaning schedules and procedures to make sure that the sushi-making process is controlled at every stage from the arrival of fresh fish through to the delivery of Tanpopo sushi in our refrigerated vehicles. We have traceability on our products so that we have full records of where all our ingredients have come from and where all the sushi has been delivered to each day. This gives you peace of mind and us satisfaction of a job well done.

We have accreditation for our kitchens from third party auditors SALSA.


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