Japanese Sushi Catering & Hospitality

Our bespoke selection of hospitality sushi and platters are a great way to cater for any occasion, whether it be a small meeting or large event, it’s a great way to impress. Choose from Mixed Sushi Collection, Platters, Bespoke Pieces & Sashimi and Whole Rolls.

Delivery Monday – Saturday. Minimum order £35.00 within London. Outside London on request.

Mixed Sushi Selection

Our chefs will provide you with a tailor-made selection of the various sushi that Tanpopo makes. Simply tell us how many pieces you would like and our chefs will do the rest. You may want to buy soy sauce, pickled ginger and wasabi as condiments to go with the sushi. See the Dry Goods section for more details.

Mixed Sushi
Mixed Sushi


Tokyo Tray

Tokyo Tray platter
A beautifully fresh selection of fish nigiri and an assortment of large and small maki rolls. This adds colour to any meeting or party.

Osaka Tray (V)

Osaka Tray platter
To prove that sushi is not “all raw fish” this vegetarian tray contains a lovely selection of large and small rolls including inside-out maki rolls. The ever popular Vege California rolls are also included.

Imperial Tray

Imperial Tray platter
A beautifully presented and varied sushi tray, containing a comprehensive range of the different sushi made at Tanpopo. This tray is proving a big hit!

Sumo Tray

Sumo Tray platter
The Sumo is for that extra special occasion and contains a full selection of both sushi and sashimi. It is big enough for the largest appetites, containing 20 pieces of sashimi, 44 pieces of sushi and a large portion of edamame beans.

Fish Sharing Platter

Fish Sharing Platter

Vege Sharing Platter (V)

Vege Sharing Platter

Our sharing platters are perfect for meetings and lunches where clients are offered a range of options. With around 25 pieces on they can sit comfortably next to sandwiches and salads, offering something interesting for clients to enjoy.

Bespoke Sushi & Sashimi

By choosing individual nigiri and maki rolls you, or your client, can create a bespoke selection for meetings or events. If you want a filling/ topping not listed, or have any dietary requirements, feel free to contact us.


Nigiri is a block of sushi rice with raw fish or another fresh topping laid on it

Tuna Red Pepper with Pesto
Salmon Shitake Mushroom
Prawn Daikon Radish
Tilapia Chinese Cabbage
Braised Eel Asparagus
Squid Leek
Octopus Pumpkin
Smoked Salmon Fried Tofu
Mackerel Egg

Large Rolls

These rolls are made from sushi rice wrapped in nori seaweed with various fresh fillings.

Large Rolls
Spicy Tuna Fried Tofu Salad
Salmon & Spinach Wakame Seaweed Salad
Salmon & Avocado Shitake Mushroom
Chicken Teriyaki Traditional Sushi Roll
Grilled Salmon
Tuna (cooked) & Mayo
Crabstick, Cucumber & Egg
Spicy Prawn

Inside Out Rolls

These specially rolled inside-out versions of the sushi roll were made popular in California.

Inside Out Rolls
Spicy Tuna Vege California Roll
Chicken Teriyaki with Red Ginger Fried tofu & Cucumber
Salmon & Avocado Classic Sushi Roll
Classic California Shitake Mushroom
Cooked Salmon with Chives Braised Burdock Salad

Small Rolls

These mini sushi rolls are wrapped with nori seaweed and contain one fresh filling.

Small Rolls
Tuna & Wasabi Cucumber
Salmon & Wasabi Braised Bamboo
Crabstick Pickled Radish
Braised Eel Shitake Mushroom
Smoked Salmon Red Pepper & Pesto
Prawn Wasabi Avocado & Mayonnaise
Red Ginger
Carrot Miso
Cucumber & Red Basil


Sashimi is purely sliced fish. It is usually raw and the ultimate delicacy for any sushi lover. We only use the highest sashimi grade fish, ensuring our products meet the standards of even the most particular connoisseur.


Whole Rolls

Whole rolls are an excellent way to present sushi to clients and customers. They’re really versatile and can be used to create a sushi bar effect for functions, or can be sliced up on site and placed in salads, boxes or plated up as a menu item. As always if you require any filling not on the list feel free to contact us.

Inside Out rolls come with a coating of sesame, chives, fish egg etc. Rolls can normally be cut into 8 or 10 pieces.

Large Whole Rolls

Standard and Inside Out.

Large Whole Rolls
Salmon & Spinach Chicken Teriyaki
Salmon & Avocado Grilled Salmon Salad
Tuna Salad Crabstick Cucumber & Egg
Spicy Tuna Vegetarian California (V)
Prawn Seaweed Salad (V)
Classic California Fried Tofu (V)

Small Whole Rolls

Small Whole Rolls
Tuna Braised Bamboo (V)
Salmon Shitake Mushroom (V)
Prawn Red Pepper & Pesto (V)
Crabstick Egg (V)
Chicken Teriyaki Shredded Red Ginger (V)
Cucumber (V) Carrot & Miso (V)