Dry Goods

Our dry goods list contains everything from raw ingredients to authentic cooking sauces, dim sum, edamame and oriental snacks. It’s a great way of combining ingredients with our sushi, or your own dishes, to create a real taste of the orient. Also if you are looking for an ingredient we don’t stock feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to try and help you.


White Sushi Rice 20kg
Brown Rice 10kg

Sauces & Flavours

Soy Sauce 1 litre
Soy Sauce table dispenser 150ml
Soy Sauce Sachet 6.8ml x 200
Fish Sauce 725ml
Sake 750ml
Yakitori Sauce 1.65 litre
Teriyaki Sauce 1.9 litre
Mirin 1 litre
Hontsuyu Sauce 1.8 litre
Sesame Oil 590g
Miso Paste 1kg
Japanese Curry Block 1kg
Sushi Vinegar 710ml
Sushi Vinegar 20 litre


Tempura Flour 18.1kg
Panko Breadcrumbs 7kg


Sushi Nori x 100 sheets (high grade)
Wakame 500g

Japanese Pickles

Pickled Cucumber 1kg
Pickled Ginger (for sushi) 1kg
Shredded Red Ginger 1kg
Takuan Pickled Radish 1kg


Wasabi Powder 1kg
Wasabi Tube 90g
Wasabi Sachet 2g x 500

Frozen Food

Edamame (Soy Beans) 454g
Peeled Edamame (Soy Beans) 500g
Pork and Mushroom Shu Mai 12x 18g x 20
Prawn Hau Gau 12 x 20g x 20
Mixed Vege Gyoza 20 x 25g x 20
Vege Spring Roll 900g 60 pieces x 10


Green Tea (100 bags)


Delivery Monday - Sunday. Minimum order £35.00 within London. Outside London on request.